eHealthcare Project in partnership with Hewlett Packard

e-Healthcare Project in partnership with Hewlett Packard (HP)

eHealthcare Project in partnership with Hewlett Packard

The first of its kind telemedicine initiative to be implemented in the North East, the e-Healthcare project links an eHub situated on the premises of RHRC, Chubwa, to five estate hospitals spread across Assam and North Bengal. Equipment and resources, amounting to Rs. 7 crores has been donated by HP to the Foundation.

The intention behind this collaborative venture with HP has been that APPL Foundation is firm in its resolve to deliver quality medical care to the remotest interiors of the North East and through this project, based on the hub and spoke model, will be striving towards that goal. Medical specialists from RHRC, Chubwa, will be able to connect digitally to consult with doctors treating patients at the different e-health centres (eHC).

The main objective is not only to reach specialized medical attention to people in inaccessible parts of the region but also to expedite the process of starting treatment for ailing patients, who would no longer need to physically travel to the closest city/town hospital for a consultation with a specialist.


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Hon’ble Shri Tarun Gogoi, Chief Minister of Assam, inaugurates the e-Healthcare Project at Hathikuli Tea Estate on 29 July, 2015