Sirish Festival 2017

Sirish Festival

Sirish Festival 2017

SIRISH – an endeavour to promote the unique culture and traditions of tea tribe community of Assam & Bengal – an initiative by APPL Foundation co-sponsored by the GoA, ABITA, OIL, SBI, NRL, etc.

To acknowledge this contribution of the Tea Tribes in our state, APPL Foundation was privileged and proud to sponsor the 1st Sirish Festival 2015. The 2 nd edition of the Festival was held in Powai TE, Margherita on 31 st January 2016, with great enthusiasm and pride.

Sirish-2017, a Sanskrit word, which means soul of the body, is being held in Naharkatia Town, a remote isolated township, where the tea tribe community will present their renditions of their traditions, culture and way of living. Apart from the local population of Naharkatia and adjoining TEs, this festival will be witnessed and contested by the 6 finalists from across Assam and West Bengal, tea tribe community leaders and the icons. The high note of the festival will be the recognition and honouring of two icons from the community-one each from the fields of Literature and Culture. The recognition will be in the form of a citation and cheque of Rs. 1 lakh each and will be presented by the Guest of Honour.

We take great pleasure in announcing the names of this year’s Icons in Literature and Culture during the festival finals.

Rail GadiJhumur

APPL Foundation had also sponsored a video recording of a modern rendition of a traditional “Jhumur” song called Rail GadiJhumur in 2015.This will be the theme song of the festival.

“The Sirish Festival, which is the only integrated Tea festival honouring the momentous contribution of the tea tribe community to the state of Assam is a watershed moment for us at APPL Foundation. We expect that all future editions of this annual festival will provide for not only national but also international recognition to the members this great community” - Ranjit Barthakur, Chairman APPL Foundation.

About Culture and Heritage work by APPL Foundation

The Foundation has been sponsoring the “Sirish - A Festival Tea” for the Tea Tribe communities since 2015 and has been successful in showcasing the dying cultural/dance of the numerous Adivasi brethren who have come from various parts of India to work in the Tea Plantations of Assam. We salute their contribution to the economy and culture and above all their complete integration with the Assamese mainstream culture.

“This Foundation’s journey has just begun and we are confident that we will engage in meaningful activities and support government and other initiatives to catalyse significant improvements in the health, social, economic and environmental indices in Assam.”

– Dhiraj Kakati

Managing Trustee, APPL Foundation