Sirish Landing

North East India is home to different tribal and ethnic groups, making it one of the most culturally diverse regions of the country. Though culturally abundant and unique, the region’s tribal arts and cultural practices seldom find a place in any mainstream discussion and face the threat of disappearance.

APPL Foundation believes that for the coexistence and mutual progress of the diverse communities to be realisable on the tea estates, and in the North East in general, there needs to be meaningful cultural exchanges between them.



The Tea Tribe Community were indentured from various parts of India namely Chota Nagpur, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal and settled in the tea estates set up by the British Planters in 1830’s. Together, they form what is today commonly known as Tea Tribes Community of Assam.

Sirish: Celebrating the Tea Community
A jhumur folk dance competition held at the cultural venue of the Festival saw the participation
Cultural Events
The high point of the Festival was the honouring of two ‘icons’ from the tea community


Sirish Festival
Sirish Festival 2017


“Sirish Festival 2017, organized by APPL Foundation, celebrates the unique cultural heritage of Tea Tribes in Assam and West Bengal. The third Sirish Festival, a colourful cultural extravaganza of folk songs and dances, was organized at Naharkatia Town in Assam on January 2017.