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APPL Foundation was formed on 29 August, 2011, as an irrevocable trust with the dominant objective of the welfare of the general public in distress. The Trust has been formed as a charitable organization among others to provide medical aid, services and relief, attending and propagation of education and learning, environment protection and food security to general public at large and for the revival of indigenous tribal, music and dance.

APPL Foundation has been working to bring about improvement in the quality of life and standard of living in the North East.

Our initiatives in the field of education, skill development, healthcare, culture, income supplementation and environmental conservation have had far-reaching impact within the desired communities.

Social Impact Initiatives in the North East Region of India


Significant improvement in the quality of life and livelihood sustenance of marginalized communities in the North East.


Launch social impact initiatives in the fields of skills and education development, healthcare, environment and livelihood, culture  in the North East.


We partner with communities across
11 districts of Assam and
1 district of West Bengal

We value partnership

With every passing year APPL Foundation has garnered support from its enlarging network of partners, associates and well-wishers. Every drop of contribution has enabled in devising a partnership which has magnified year after year. In 2018-19, APPL Foundation created partnerships worth over 6.6 Crores. In 2019-20, we hope to extend it to 8 Crores, with support of our partners and associates.

In 2019-20, we hope to extend partnership value to 8 crores, with the support of our partners and associates.

Our Partners in Progress

Our partners are pillars on which our interventions are established. We are thankful to our partners and associates for their continuous support in our transformational journey.