Sneha Parasar

Ms. Sneha Parasar, a Kindergarden(KG) student studying in Vivekananda Kendra Vidalaya, Laipuli Tinsukia is the daughter of Shri Ajit Sarma (a clerical staff of RHRC, Chabua) and Mrs. Chayanika Rajkhowa who works as a School teacher.


Priya Murari

“A rare women trainer of culturally distinct Jhumoor Lathi Nritya”

Priya learnt the Zumur and Lathi nritya at her age of 15 from Sri Raju Sobor who is working as a staff in Kathonibari TE at Mariyani-Jorhat.


Kellyden Story

Name: Miss Rakhi Jhora 

D/o : Sri Lakhi Prassad Jhora (OMRE) Estate Messenger


Borhat Supervisors

Though 55 to 60% of the total workforce of tea industry is dominated by women, but there is little representation of women in management, staff and workers in tea estates. Sirdars or supervisors is a male dominated position in the tea gardens. Borhat Tea Estate was no exception. But 4 women pluckers were upgraded as sirdars since 2012 and they are performing very well. A LITTLE STEP TOWARDS WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. Today they are proudly supervising the pluckers under them and they have inspired many other women to dream of becoming a Sirdar one day.


Bhagyashree Deka

“Beating the odds of a vulnerable childhood to tasting professional success”

Bhagyashree Deka had a difficult childhood as she Lost her father at an early age. It was difficult for her deaf and dumb mother to foster two children without any permanent income. Hence, her older brother has taken up the responsibility of earning bread and butter for the family by working in farmland.

Bhagyashree visited our Rowta Center and got enrolled into our ISMO program under EGM project.


Floods Response Programme

APPLF since its inception has been the witness of ravaging floods in Assam every year. With accent of monsoon, Bramhaputra swells and overflows its banks wreaking havoc and causing death. Lakhs of people every year at affected by flood: loss of home, scarcity of food, cloths, shelter, safe drinking water and no medical aid are the prime features of flood. 


SIRISH Festival 2015

To acknowledge the contribution of the Tea Tribes in Assam, Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd. Foundation organized the first Sirish Festival. Sirish, a Sanskrit work, which means soul of the body