Success Stories

Success Stories


Aquaculture was started in 2006, with the objective of land value optimisation by creating water bodies for fresh water fish cultivation on lands in the estates where tea plantations cannot thrive. The Aquaculture project – under the supervision of the Agri-Division of Amalgamated Plantations Pvt Ltd and in partnership with the Central Institute of Fresh Water Aquaculture (CIFA) – has converted 150 hectares of fallow land spread across 15 locations in Assam into water bodies for fresh water fish cultivation.

Success Stories

Social Forestry

APPL Foundation has a current inventory of over ten indigenous varieties of trees.

Success Stories

Sporting Events

Pole-climbing and Archery competitions were held at the sports venue of the Festival.

The competitions, using standard equipment, were conducted by officials from the Sports Authority of India (SAI). In pole-climbing, the first position was secured by Mr Anod Karmakar and the first runner-up was Mr Ashok Lohar, both from the Hathikuli tea estate. Mr Arjun Singh Bhumij of Hathikuli estate and Mr Mangal Karmakar from Kakajan tea estate were ranked first and second in the archery, respectively.

Success Stories

Folk Dance

A jhumur folk dance competition held at the cultural venue of the Festival saw the participation of teams from all estates of Amalgamated Plantations. The competition was judged by an eminent jury panel selected from within the tea community.

A colourful and vibrant event, the Sirish Festival showcased the unique cultural heritage of the tea tribes. The competition concluded with the Hathikuli team receiving the Best Performance award, followed close by the Nahorkutia team as first runnersup.

Success Stories

Railgadi Jhumur

‘Railgadi Jhumur’ was the theme song of the first Sirish Festival. It is a modern rendition of a traditional...

Success Stories

Cultural Events (Sirish 2015)

The high point of the Festival was the honouring of two ‘icons’ from the tea community, one each from the fields of Literature and Culture. Ms Padumi Gazloo, a renowned writer was chosen by the APPL Foundation as the Literary Icon for Sirish 2015 while Mr Sajan Nayak, a popular singer and music composer from the community was chosen as the Cultural Icon for Sirish 2015.

Rishab Kumar
Success Stories

Rishab Kumar - The Boy Who Fought Cancer And Won!

Rishab Kumar, a 17-year old boy reported to the hospital in Namroop tea estate with complaints of back ache and pain in his right pelvis after playing a game of football. After a few visits and with the pain not subsiding, Rishab was referred from the estate hospital to RHRC in Chubwa. After many rounds of testing he was diagnosed with Bone Cancer (Ewing Sarcoma in the right pelvis). The Medical Director of RHRC referred him to Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata, knowing that he would have the chance to avail the best possible treatment there.

Kushal Limbo
Success Stories

Kushal Limbo - Cooking Up A Storm

Kushal Limbo took admission in the cookery class at VTC, Dam Dim, because he was inspired by his father. His father is the cook at the estate Senior Manager’s bungalow and everyone speaks very highly of his cooking. While Kushal has always looked up to his father, he also wanted to do something different with his passion for cooking. He knew he couldn’t afford to go any hotel management institute as they charge Rs. 3-4 Lakhs as course fees. Kushal had to come up with a plan which would be feasible yet allow him the opportunity to explore new avenues.

Mahmooda Khatoon
Success Stories

Mahmooda Khatoon - Standing Tall

Fate dealt Mahmooda a cruel hand. Only 26 years old but she has seen how harsh the world can be. While still in school, her father married her off, as is the regular practice with so many young girls in this country. She stayed with her husband and in-laws for one and a half years, enduring their abuse and making peace with the fact that this was how her life was going to be from here on. Finally, her father decided to bring her out of that hell. She and her family are now fighting a protracted legal battle to ensure that she receives the alimony that is due to her.

Sagar Rabha
Success Stories

Sagar Rabha - Rewriting Destiny

Sagar’s mother brought up his younger sister and him with great difficulty. She is the only parent they have known. Depending on agriculture as a source of income, this family of three knows only too well what it means to have to struggle to survive. Sagar found out about the ITI in Rowta from some friends in the village. As a child, he was always interested in learning about machines and how they worked so it seemed a natural thing for him to do when he decided to appear for the entrance examination.