News from APPL Foundation

A cochlear implant screening camp was conducted at RHRC Chubwa to bring back hope in the life of people with hearing impairment. Children holding hands of their parents visited the camp and received the screening service.

The 3 days “Training for screening & early detection of cervical, breast & oral cancers in NER of India” to 7 Estate doctors was completed. This is a part of ICMR & RHRC Study on cancer detection (cervical, breast & oral) in our Estates. The training will reflect early detection of cancer in the tea garden community.

The Chairperson of APPL Foundation, Mr. Ranjit Barthakur visited APPITI at Rowta on 19th December 2017. His visit followed the approval of the centre under Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM) and inauguration of DDU-GKY courses. The construction of new girls hostel at APPITI has also commenced. Through extreme grit across the years, APPITI has now come into its own.


Children of the Garden - Cultural Programme

Every year Children’s Day is celebrated in India on 14th November and 20th November is celebrated as International Child Rights Day. A weeklong celebration at the Tea Estates to promote child rights and awareness regarding the children at the gardens, their life and rights was the prime objective of the Campaign.

APPLF since its inception has been the witness of ravaging floods in Assam every year. With accent of monsoon, Bramhaputra swells and overflows its banks wreaking havoc and causing death. Lakhs of people every year at affected by flood: loss of home, scarcity of food, cloths, shelter, safe drinking water and no medical aid are the prime features of flood.