News from APPL Foundation

The skill development training initiatives to improve delivery of services to mother and children of the garden known as Project Sambhuya was launched in April. Now under the programme doctors and nurses form the tea garden hospitals are been trained to provide quality healthcare services.

The HP classroom at Chubwa has been recently equipped to provide digital literacy training to 15 adolescent children. The children are very enthusiastic and we hope soon the programme will expand and more than one batch will be run concurrently.

APPL Garden staffs are being trained in basic computer skills at APPITI, Rowta as an initiative to develop potential between APPL and APPLF. The trainings are being conducted in batches. The first batch post completion of the training is all in smiles.

The hard toil at the farms reaps the harvest. From working day and night at the filed to grow turmeric the small scale framers are now harvesting the turmeric crop. The farmers proudly show their produce which will be soon linked to the market.

“Caring for the Eye” – A desk dispensing spectacles by Vision spring had been installed at RHRC Chubwa which now is helping return sight to the needy. The desk is dispensing affordable and quality spectacles.