News from APPL Foundation

APPLF since its inception has been the witness of ravaging floods in Assam every year. With accent of monsoon, Bramhaputra swells and overflows its banks wreaking havoc and causing death. Lakhs of people every year at affected by flood: loss of home, scarcity of food, cloths, shelter, safe drinking water and no medical aid are the prime features of flood. 

APPITI Rowta Hostel

A formal foundation stone laying ceremony for new girls hostel at APPITI Rowta was conducted on 23rd November 2017. This would go a long way in scaling up the volume of trading, specifically for women candidates. Lack of safe and secure environment in Rowta had limited its reach.

Under Project Sambhuya of USAID; APPL, APPLF and SAATHI have partnered to ensure quality maternal and newborn care and family planning services in all 25 APPL Tea Gardens. To act as a driving force a Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) has been formed consisting of APPL, APPLF, SAATHI, FOGSI and District representatives.