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A festival for everyone! Sirish Festival 2017 happened today at Naharkatia Town Field! #Culture #APPLFoundation #SirishFestival

The e-Healthcare project links an eHub situated in one of APPL's Estates to five estate hospitals spread across Assam and North Bengal. This project had a total of 19462 beneficiaries in 2015-2016 alone! HP India

VTC #DamDim in North #Bengal was initiated 21 years ago, with the objective of providing skills training to various individuals on the estate including the physically challenged individuals in its neighbouring areas.

The much-awaited winners list for Sirish™ Festival 2017 is here! Here are the winners of the folk dance category. Congratulations to the beautiful performers!

1st Place: Nahorkutiya TE

2nd Place: Puja Hali Dance Team

3rd Place: Batabari TE and Hattigor TE

A very Happy International