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APPL Foundation aims to create a lasting impact on the communities in North East India by focusing on education and skill-development of the younger generations. The emphasis is not only on early and high-school education, but to take a realistic approach and train the youth for employment. Education alone does not guarantee employment, but formal education paired with technical and professional training opens many doors for the youth, within and outside the region. Together, these components go on to build communities that are resilient, in the face social evils by equipping its members with the right balance of formal training and life skills. Community awareness and literacy programmes helps in creating a safe environment for the tribes in this region.

Women Prosper

APPL Foundation in collaboration with Starbucks Foundation, Barefoot College and SHRI Foundation has initiated a positively impact the lives of rural Assamese women...

Menstrual Hygiene Education Programme

The biological phenomenon of menstruation in women is a taboo topic which the community and even the women who undergo the cycles refuse to discuss....

Child Friendly Education Programme

The ownership of creating an environment encouraging education for children is the obligation of every member of a community. 

APPITI Rowta (Industrial Training Institute)

A state-of-the-art livelihood training facility, trains youth from the region in various employable trades. The primary focus of the Institute is to create efficient technical manpower...

Vocational Training Centres (VTCs), Chubwa

The VTC was inaugurated by Mr. D. S. Seth, the then Chairman of Tata Tea Limited in August 1986. The objective was to train tea garden

A DLC Centre was set up at Lattakoojan Tea Estate, Golaghat, in collaboration with IRDIS (The Institute of Research and Documentation of Indigenous Studies) a non-...

Project Swabhiman

Adult Literacy Programme was implemented with the aim to impart functional literacy to young mothers whose children are attending crèche and lower primary school, in order to help them...

Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) Nowera Nuddy

As projected by National Skill Development Corporation Department of West Bengal, in the phase of 2017 to 2022, 89 lakh youngsters will enter the working age group in...

Vocational Training Centre, Dam Dim

The Vocational Training Centre of Damdim in North Bengal was started in the year 1995 with the objective to provide skills training to physically challenged...

In-keeping with our mission to create impactful change within communities, APPL Foundation undertakes work to empower the communities with health and safety, to bring about this change....

Learning Centre, Dooars

An initiative to provide SMART TV based classroom education to children from Tea Communities.

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