Tea Tribe Culture Fest

Speakers at the news conference on Wednesday. Picture by UB Photos

Guwahati: Two icons of Assam's tea tribe community - Sushil Kumar and Dulal Manki - will be honoured at Sirish Festival, being organised by APPL Foundation, at Misa, near Nagaon, on Saturday and Sunday.

Addressing a news conference, organisers of the event said the awards, comprising a citation and Rs 1 lakh in cash, will be given to Kumar for literature and Manki for culture.


Press Release: Sirish™ 2018

"A press release was held on 14th February 2018 at Press Club of Guwahati. Journalists from various media agencies attended the meet. Mr. Dhiraj Kakati (Managing Trustee, APPL Foundation), Mr. Pratul Bora (Senior Manager, Agribusiness, Amalgamated Plantations) along with Mr. Manas Robin and Mr. Subil Barg attended the meet.

Schedule for Sirish™ 2018

The main event of Sirish™ is preceded by preliminary events across the Brahmaputra Valley and Dooars of North Bengal. Since the Tea Tribe culture and arts is fragmented across the region, these preliminaries take the festival down to the grassroots to bring out the best talent and diversity. 


Music is an important component of the community. Their music is usually collectively performed for a variety of occasions like weddings, festivals, arrival of seasons, ushering-in of new life, and harvests. The community is rich in a variety of music and dances. Through the folk music and dance, they try to convey their perspective on social issues and define their daily life styles and their history. In some dance forms, martial arts are displayed to convey their age-old rebellion against the British.

Promote Culture

North East India is home to different tribal and ethnic groups, making it one of the most culturally diverse regions of the country. Though culturally abundant and unique, the region’s tribal arts and cultural practices seldom find a place in any mainstream discussion and face the threat of disappearance.