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80 Patients with Severe Mental Disorder Screened


Improvement pertaining to Healthcare has been witnessed unevenly across the nation, especially the North East, with wide urban-rural variations and limited access to the medical services. The region faces a number of challenges, the most crucial being lack of doctors and specialists leading to low doctor-population ratio in the region. APPL Foundation, along with its partner organisations, tries to bridge the gap between the rural healthcare requirement and its availability.

APPL Foundation’s objective is to provide access to quality healthcare to the rural areas in North East India. We start by equipping the Referral Hospital and Research Centre (RHRC) at Chubwa with state of the art healthcare facilities. We then connect make these facilities accessible to the remote regions with the use of cutting-edge technology, via e-Health Centres set up in collaboration with Hewlett Packard. We create awareness and provide basic medical care to the population through medical camps and weekly outreach programmes.


APPL Foundation launched Project "3F and MHM, North Bank" across seven APPL estates of North Bank and Misa to provide fungal-free health and a dignified menstrual hygiene practice space...

Research says that menstruation is still taboo and subjected to superstition to the people of the Tea tribe community. It is associated with many do's and don'ts. 9 out of 10 women...

COVID – 19 Prevention Programme

The COVID-19 outbreak has created an unprecedented global crisis.

Referral Hospital & Research Centre, Chubwa

Referral Hospital and Research Centre (RHRC), a 75-bed, secondary care hospital, was conceptualized by Tata Tea Ltd in 1989 and was set up at Chubwa tea estate by Tata...

Workforce Nutrition Programme

The wellbeing of individuals and communities as a whole lies in their intake of nutrition.

SMART Hospital Programme

Tea garden hospitals act as the lifeline to the communities in and around the garden.

Women constitute more than 50% of a tea estate population in Assam. Women busy working in the estates and house tend to ignore their own health....

Caring for women and children of the tea tribe community is one of the prime focus areas of APPL Foundation. Project Sambhuya is an initiative to build a robust...


245 pregnant women cared for and provided with nutritional supplement across 4 tea garden communities

eHealthcare Project

With healthcare facilities in rural India being scarce and ill-equipped, APPL Foundation partnered with Hewlett-Packard (HP) to create a symbolic milestone in the...

Medical Outreach Programme, North Bank, Assam

A medical outreach program, initiated in 1992, has been revived in the North Bank area of Assam in the last financial year. With only a small number of PHCs and...

As the primary healthcare system of the country suffocates due to lack of basic infrastructure, diagnostic tests for patients remain a distant facility...

Caring for children with special needs

A caring support at an early age can make lives of children with special needs better.

Little dietary neglect leading to vitamin deficiencies in the prime stage of a woman and child’s life risks their lifelong wellbeing.

Project Prosper

APPL entered into a “Project” titled, “Productivity Study of Presbyopes Engaged in Rural Agriculture (PROSPER A)” with Vision Spring. The project is a Randomized...

Integration of Mental Health Services in Tea Garden Areas

Mental Disorders contribute 13% of global burden of worldwide disease. Three-fourths of the burden occurs in lower and middle income countries. Most Low and Middle...

Cancer Care, with ASMI

APPL Foundation in association with ASMI, organized a Cancer Care Camp for workers and staff at Kellyden Tea Hospital, in February 2016. Our endeavour is to create...

Eye Screening Camps

Vision Spring, in association with Amalgamated Plantations and APPL Foundation, conducted a vision screening program for the estate workers of three plantations in Dibrugarh, Assam....

Support for Cerebral Palsy with IICP

Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy( IICP) is a specialist resource centre for cerebral palsy working since 1974 for the rights of persons with disability, particularly...

Amalgamated Plantations Pvt Ltd has been a 100% cleft-free company since 2011. Since then consolidated efforts are being made to ensure that the communities around RHRC are also...

Medical Camps at Closed Gardens in the Dooars in partnership with Solidaridad

Medical camps were organised with the support of Solidaridad, in the closed tea gardens of Dooars.

Cancer Treatment with Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata

In partnership with Tata Medical Centre (TMC), Kolkata, cancer screening is conducted at RHRC, Chubwa and the estate hospital in Damdim. Annually, 10 needy cancer...