Message from the desk of Managing Trustee


SIRISH has been an evolving journey of learning and nostalgia.

Today the APPL foundation is hosting the 5th edition of SIRISH in Naharoni TE near the Tea Town of Rangapara.

In its 5 year journey we have travelled across the entire length and breadth of Assam coxing and cajoling the shy and reticent Tea Tribe community to come forward and showcase their dance forms in our platform.

Most people are familiar with the Jhumur dance which is a dance form originating in South Bengal which has found universal acceptance among the diverse Tea Tribe community of Assam and Bengal.

Little was known of the diverse dance forms of the various communities which today comprise the Tea Tribe Community.

Our journey began thus-to unearth and catalogue these dance forms across diverse cultures which is the Tea Tribe Community.

Today into the fifth edition of Sirish we are enriched with dance forms like the Saurwa Nitya, Oriya Nitya, Kurug Nitya, Satnami Nitya, Dongal Nitya, Sabor Nitya, Santhali Nitya,etc.

This is just the beginning of a long innings we intend in playing by giving the Community this unique platform to showcase their dance forms in its original form.

This does not come easy since the Community comes from the marginalized section of the society they are in need of financial support and encouragement to come forward.

The APPL foundation is playing this catalyst role, with the support and active involvement of the Management and employees of Amalgamated Plantations who are ever eager hosts in our endeavor.

It will be in order to mention Mr. Ranjit Barthakur, Chairman Amalgamated Plantations, who having come from a Tea background for not only having though of this unique platform, but being a constant encouragement and support.

I however regret that these Tea stakeholders do not perceive value in such community interventions, which is today necessary for creating a sustainable value chain.

Long live Sirish!

-Dhiraj Kakati