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Sirish™ Festival is the APPL Foundation’s initiative for the promotion of indigenous art and culture. An innovative approach that focuses on the unique cultural heritage of the tribal communities of the tea gardens. These communities collectively came to be known as the Tea Tribes. They emerged with the tea plantation in Assam and have since then, immensely contributed not only to the growth of the tea industry but also to the State Exchequer. The Sirish™ Festival is an attempt to promote, exhibit and preserve these distinct cultural and art forms and facilitate their integration into mainstream Assamese society.


Sirish™ Festival 2016

Sirish™ Festival Stories and News



Mar 20, 2019
Menstrual hygiene awareness at Sirish 2019

To generate awareness on menstrual hygiene among the women and girls attending Sirish Festival, APPL Foundation in collaboration with VJS Foundation had set up a kiosk. Health volunteers talked about menstrual hygiene and...

Mar 19, 2019