Preliminary Round 5

Folk Dance Competition & Archery and Kabaddi events from 10:00 am onwards 


Sirish 2019 Souvenir

The Tea Tribe forms an important proportion of population of Assam, and are scattered across the Brahmaputra Valley. These communities other than forming the economic backbone of the tea gardens also contributed in the field of Literature and Culture of Assam and West Bengal.

Menstrual hygiene awareness at Sirish 2019

Menstrual Hygiene Awareness at Sirish 2019

To generate awareness on menstrual hygiene among the women and girls attending Sirish Festival, APPL Foundation in collaboration with VJS Foundation had set up a kiosk. Health volunteers talked about menstrual hygiene and importance of using sanitary napkins with women and girls visiting the stall. Quality low cost sanitary napkins available for procurement at the stalls.

The stall was visited by dignitaries attending the festival encouraging the initiative in strengthening and empowering the women of the tea tribes.