Display of tea tribe culture at SAMVAAD 2018

traditional Jhumoor in ‘Samvaad’

Display of tea tribe culture at SAMVAAD 2018

On 18th November 2018, a dance troupe from Damdim Tea Estate (Jalpaiguri, West Bengal) performed their traditional Jhumoor in ‘Samvaad’, the annual tribal conclave organized by Tata Steel in Jamshedpur. The performance had two songs- a traditional marriage song and ritual song from Karam Puja. The team comprised of 17 artists and provided a wonderful exposure, not only to these dancers but also to the outside world about this cultural art form.

The team also participated in various cultural workshops and got an opportunity to interact with tribal artists from all over the country.

It deserves mentioning that this group was also the winner of last year’s ‘Sirish’ regional round at Malbazar. We extend our heartiest congratulations to Damdim for their wonderful performance at Samvaad!

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