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Lilima Tanti, daughter of Ajoy Tanti comes from interior Tea garden and belongs to a poor family of Chabua, District Dibrugarh of Assam. The annual income of her entire family was around 48000/- only which posed a great...

May 02, 2018
Success Stories

There is something to be said about education, no matter what our circumstances are. No part of life today is easy without education. Even to work a manual labour job, like on the tea estate – we need to be able to read the...

Sep 29, 2017

In-keeping with our mission to create impactful change within communities, APPL Foundation undertakes work to empower the communities with health and safety, to bring about this change. A serious issue faced by local communities in North East is...

Jan 06, 2016
Mahmooda Khatoon
Success Stories

Fate dealt Mahmooda a cruel hand. Only 26 years old but she has seen how harsh the world can be. While still in school, her father married her off, as is the regular practice with so many young girls in this country. She stayed...

Jan 04, 2016
Success Stories

Devika Bora talks about the Rungamuttee Ladies Craft Centre

The Ladies Craft Centre at Rungamuttee was started in 1989 when Mr. G. Dua was the Senior Manager of the estate. In fact, it was his wife, Ms...

Jan 03, 2016